A Guide To Holistic Massage

There is evidence of massage in most ancient and modern cultures. The Egyptians used massage for health and beauty as can be seen on tombs and paintings over 3000 years old. There are records dating from the 3rd century BC that the Chinese used massage. In India, massage plays an important part in Ayurvedic medicine. The Greeks and Romans used massage.

Today there are increasing numbers of persons who use massage for general wellbeing as it may help to reduce physical and emotional stress.

Physical and psychological benefits of massage

Massage is suitable for everyone and if it is regularly integrated into part of our living routines it may help towards achieving and maintaining better health and wellbeing.

One of the main benefits of holistic massage is to help slow the mind and increase feelings of relaxation, which may help to induce a better quality of sleep, thereby bringing calmness and serenity into life to ease the tensions and stresses of modern day living.

Massage helps the body repair itself, by loosening overworked muscles and helps giving relief from muscular pain; it boosts flexibility making people feel better with increased energy levels.

During massage the body’s muscles relax and blood circulation increases helping the blood vessels deliver nutrients and oxygen.

Massage stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, thereby removing more efficiently toxins from the body helping the immune system to keep the body in better general health. Massage nourishes and moisturises the skin, improving its colour, texture and elasticity. it can also help with stress reduction and relaxation, relief from muscular pain & help with a general improvement in body functions such as circulation, breathing and digestion.

Holistic / Swedish massage

Holistic MassageThe term holistic is derivative from the Greek word “Holos” meaning whole, therefore holistic massage is about treating the whole person i.e. body (physical) and mind (feelings of well-being) Holistic Massage is often used to mean a soothing or relaxing massage, but it can be also be used to give a firmer more invigorating massage as it is based upon Swedish massage techniques.

Swedish massage: (a proper name, not a reference to Sweden) refers to a collection of techniques applying various types of pressures to manipulate the muscles to relax them; reducing tension aches and pains. This massage treatment involves a variety of techniques to warm, stretch, knead, soothe and decongest muscles. Swedish massage whether relaxing or firm can be adapted during the treatment to the client’s preferences. It was conceived to have specific therapeutic benefits by helping to speed venous blood return from the bodies extremities and shorten recovery time from muscular strain by flushing the tissue of lactic acid, uric acid and other metabolic wastes.

As a qualified holistic masseur, I offer full body massage. I use natural non-perfumed massage oil. The client is required to be unclothed and towels are used for warmth and modesty cover. Shower facilities are available before and after massage.

How long is a massage session?

The massage can be for either approximately 60 or 90 minutes. I do not usually offer part treatments such as back, neck or shoulder massage, as I consider that for holistic massage the whole body is connected. If any specific areas of the body are causing concern, then the massage can be focused to work more intensely on those areas or for some medical reasons may be omitted. This means the client has control to discuss the type and price of massage best suited for them and the session may be adjusted to complete in the time agreed.

The first appointment requires an additional free 15 minutes consultation.

Massage & men's health

My massage work tends to focus on men's health issues.

I know from my own personal experiences and as a cancer survivor, just how important it is for some men to find an understanding masseur who uses therapeutic Holistic & Swedish massage techniques to help ease some of the stresses and emotional traumas of everyday lifestyle anxieties. See this additional article about Stress - a word well known & all too familiar in todays society.

Man receiving a massage

Confidentiality and Feedback

All information discussed with a client is in strict confidence.

Holistic / Swedish massage is about treating the whole person, helping them to maintain good feelings of “well-being”. Before a massage starts as a masseur I discuss with the client any medical, physical, mental or emotional problems that they may be experiencing.

It is advisable to check with a doctor first if the client has any concerns whether a massage is appropriate after an illness. In certain circumstances, there may be medical contra-indications to massage such as some highly infectious skin conditions or recently broken bones.

It is beneficial for me to adapt my massage work for individual clients by their comments and recommendations. Therefore after a massage it is appreciated if they are able to give me any confidential feedback about their experience (likes or dislikes) as this helps me to develop future treatments to their special requirements should they wish to return.

How often should you have a massage?

Regular massage treatments help to keep your body systems in balance and can help to improve recovery after injury when medically advised by a doctor. Depending on circumstances and finances some people have a massage every week, bi-weekly, every month, or occasionally just when they feel the need for a massage to support their choices of lifestyle.

To book a treatment

Please contact Graham for availability if you wish to discuss booking a treatment / course of treatments, or for more information about massage.

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